“you are loved”



One of our latest creations.


The line, you are loved, is a branch of our company, designed according to the basic principles for which (re)define is founded. More than just something to adorn one’s neck or wrist, we wanted to create something that had a voice of its own. Particularly one that spoke out against the evils of the sex trade and restored hope to all those abused by it: mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, friends, neighbors, communities, etc. While many of us are enslaved by our possessions, several more are enslaved by men. Modern-day slaves.

Each statement piece is unique and one-of-a-kind carefully crafted from remnants of old or torn clothing, discarded fabric scraps, and pieces of broken jewelry. We take these “leftover” pieces that may have been seen as trash, no longer useful, or out-of-place and turn them into something beautiful again.

For every person, including the women trapped in or rescued from the sex trade, there is hope and there is a beauty that can be restored. Though cast out by society in many ways and brainwashed to believe they are nothing more than a tool for the pleasure of men, they are reminded that they are beautiful and worthy of love. They too can be restored and made new like the jewelry we create. PUT ON LOVE.



“And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”
Colossians 3:14

To “put on love” is symbolized by the wearer of the accessory. They put on the jewelry as a statement—knowing that there is a deeper meaning behind it and profess, themselves, to fight injustice with love. The part of the verse, ‘which binds everything together’, is modeled in the creation of the jewelry further symbolizing the restoration of the rescued soul. “Perfect harmony” is the beautiful outcome of the work that is put into the renewal process for both the jewelry and the rescued individual.

Make a statement. Put on love.




Did you know? Atlanta is one of the top 14 cities in the U.S. for sex trafficking. To learn more about the anti-sex trafficking movement in Atlanta, please visit the resources list compiled by Out of Darkness* for more info. Together, we can fight this. It takes a village.
* Out of Darkness is a non-profit organization in Atlanta seeking to reach out to, rescue and restore women from lives of bondage to lives of freedom. A portion of the proceeds from you are loved will go to their efforts. Check back with us periodically for updates on our new and exciting project, or write us to inquire of our progress!
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