GRAHAM (style): “I wanted to start looking more professional at my teaching job, but I was not quite sure where and how to start. Bria told me that she could help me out…Not only did she help me to pick up several great new items at low cost, but she showed me how much I could do with what I already had…Now, I walk into work with confidence, knowing that I look good. And my colleagues have noticed. The clothes don’t make the man, but they can help the man make it.”


The clothes don’t make the man, but they can help the man make it.



NICOLE (style): “ReDefine completely surpassed my expectations. Bria rose to the challenge of editing my entire wardrobe (clothes, shoes, accessories) into two 50 lb suitcases to prepare me for an international move. I thought it would be impossible, but with Bria’s help, I actually felt I had a more fashionable, chic collection after we had whittled away 80% of my belongings… and I didn’t spend a penny on more “stuff”!


CARA (style): “With your help, cleaning out my closet became a fun task instead of a burden. I was convinced to give up unflattering articles of clothing that I would not have parted with on my own and take new suggestions for pairings of outfits that I had never considered before. I am really looking forward to the planned trip to the store to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe!”


…cleaning out my closet became a fun task…



MICHAEL (style): “I’m not the kind of guy that enjoys shopping for clothes: finding things that look good and are affordable takes more patience than I have…Bria came with me and took me to the stores that best suited my needs. She went through the racks with me to find my size and styles that I looked good in…In the end I bought two new pairs of shorts and two shirts for a lot less than I had planned on. Best of all, Bria made the shopping experience fun for me and I wasn’t stressed out about it at all.”



MJ (space): “Bria worked exceptionally well in completing this organizational miracle! The room I share with one other roommate in an on-campus fraternity house was in desperate need of a functional and design overhaul…Bria worked her magic designing a unique and efficient space that allowed me to live functionally. Not to mention, all of this was accomplished on a short time schedule and a relatively small budget! From cardboard boxes as storage units to stowaway plastic bins and bananas hanging from the ceiling to a practical food storage space, Bria completely redefined my living space!”


 “…organizational miracle!


RYAN (style): “Working with Bria is definitely a worthwhile experience. She is passionate about people being confident in how they look, and she’s very friendly and sociable. I have used Bria’s services twice now. The first time I didn’t know what I was looking for, but Bria still was able to help me find some shirts that I would not have normally looked at…About a year later, I needed a new suit so I would look good at a rehearsal dinner I was going to with my girlfriend. So, once again, I called Bria. We went to several stores with different types of suits…After some time we found a perfect match. Bria has an exceptional eye when it comes to patterns and colors, and her ability to help me grow and expand my tastes was a great addition.”



COLLEEN (space): “I initially called Bria because she told me that she loved organizing. I had no idea that she loved it because it came so naturally to her and she was so good at it. My space was an attic that had gotten horribly out-of-control because our family had lived in “crisis management mode” for several years and stashing things in the attic became a coping strategy. When I finally headed up the stairs to tackle the problem I found I was emotionally paralyzed.


I am increasingly grateful…


…When Bria arrived on the scene a flurry of activity began, piles seemed to grow larger initially and assignments seemed daunting until … clear spaces began to appear and a plan emerged which seemed to perfectly suit the space and my needs. Now my attic seems three times larger and everything is so accessible. It is even attractive (if an unfinished space could even be so). As our family changes and we realize that we will probably move from this home of 24 years I am increasingly grateful that this project was completed making the thought of packing and moving less overwhelming and more manageable.”


B l o g r o l l