(re)define…Your Style



For the person that has everything, but no clue how to put it all together OR for the individual of modest-size wardrobe who seems to never have enough. Bria helps you pair together outfits for specific events and re-style your wardrobe. You will receive a style analysis based on the initial consultation complete with recommended pieces to add in order to build a more polished wardrobe that reflects your personal style.


NOTE: A complete wardrobe re-style includes purging and organizing services.




A service for the individual desiring to reinvent his or her wardrobe or for one who is in need of the right organizational tools for his or her space. You may choose to shop with Bria or let her shop for you! Included is an individualized style profile, a shopping itinerary (if guided), and a summary of the trip. A post-trip styling session will be conducted after purchases are made to incorporate new pieces into the current wardrobe. Returns/exchanges included.


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