(re)define…Your Space



Bria guides you in maintaining your overstuffed,under-organized closets by assessing what needs to be purged, kept, or stored in another location. She then introduces order through proper use of storage materials that may be found in your own home (office, etc) or purchased elsewhere.




The process of eliminating the clutter of your storage spaces* by assessing the main issues, setting organizational goals, devising a plan, and taking action. You will receive an individualized plan to meet your specific needs and equip you with future maintenance tools for the upkeep of your newly organized living or project space.


NOTE: This service was created to help you help yourself. Your participation is a major component of the process!




For the individual or family moving to a new location. This service helps you decide what to toss, keep, giveaway or sell for a hassle-free moving day. A moving plan is devised to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. We assist with the packing and provide clear instructions for the movers. Selling your home, but need help with the staging? We’ll help de-clutter and arrange the space(s) for optimal buyer appeal.




For anyone and everyone who is tired of the same look and feel of a room. No time or money to spend on a full-on renovation project? This is a service meant to inspire and help you re-invision your space with fresh eyes. Using what you already have in the space or throughout your home, Bria transforms the room with you from drab to yay!** With a revised floor plan and a few rearrangements here and there, together we uncover the space you always wanted.


*Storage spaces include closets, garages, basements, attics, home office, and that random room you put everything in. (You know what I’m talking about. No need to hide.)
**Additional items for purchase may also be suggested.



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