Nicole and her husband, Nathan, were preparing to move to England and soon. We pared Nicole’s expansive wardrobe down to two 50-lb. suitcases. Complete outfits for different occasions using a few main pieces. And we can’t forget about the hubby! We picked out a few things for him, too. Overall, we created about 60 outfits (two-thirds of which were Nicole’s clothes, heh).These are some of Nicole’s favorites for him and her.

“ I thought it would be impossible, but with Bria’s help, I actually felt I had a more fashionable, chic collection after we had whittled away 80% of my belongings… and I didn’t spend a penny on more “stuff”!…With Bria’s help, I have the confidence I need to shop in my own closet.”

February 14, 2011 - 10:42 pm

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