Helluva Engineer, MJ, needed organizational assistance with his dorm room (14.5 ft x 12 ft). Before MJ and I got to work, the room gave off a chaotic vibe. Nothing seemed to flow together. Items were crammed wherever they could fit. Bananas were hanging from the ceiling, literally. With a very short deadline, a small budget, much teamwork and a little sweat, we were able to redefine the room’s purpose and function.

Before, there was only one small room with a bunch of stuff. Now, the room is sanctioned off into different spaces for particular uses: sleeping, food storage, studying, entertaining, clothing storage, etc. With the addition of symmetry, each roommate now has more of a space to call his own. Though challenging in size, I believe we have successfully re-created a space that no longer overwhelms but welcomes its inhabitants. A room that has organization, but maintains the busy college student, “lived-in” feel.

February 4, 2011 - 10:29 pm

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