A Time For Change

There comes a time in everyone’s life when re-evaluation is a necessity. That time has come now for me and for (re)define consulting, llc. Having recently accepted a position with a non-profit organization, the amount of time I can spend on this project of mine is now limited. This is not a loss, nor is it time to say goodbye! I have lost nothing, all is to gain.

When I launched (re)define in August 2010, it was a dream come true. That dream has not died, but it has changed. The first step to coping with change is to accept change. God has blessed me with the ability to create this business quickly and with enough provision to keep me afloat financially until this day where another door has been opened for full-time work. And through this small endeavor, lives have been changed and encouraged, including my own. So I admit, it did cross my mind momentarily that I would have to shut down (re)define completely upon accepting my new job and a big  fat “F”  for failure would be stamped across my forehead.

I really stressed myself out. Then I remembered the One who planted this vision deep in my heart and how strong this passion to assist others fashionably and organizationally is—how much I enjoy it to my soul’s core. It would be silly to just let it go. There is a purpose for (re)define even if it goes through a few transformations along the way.

And so, I appreciate your support and encouragement. Keep it coming! A few small projects will be taken on while more time will be spent on the structural amendments. Your cheers and pep-talks will make all the difference. I am grateful for you all.

Thanks for being,

Owner, Lifestyle Design Consultant | (re)define consulting, llc 

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