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New to the Atlanta web-scene, Carla is kicking up a storm as the creator of decorativity, a blog about “all things decorative”. She’s just a twenty-something girl “loving life in the big city”, she says. Daily, I wait eagerly for Carla’s inspirational posts because I can’t get enough!

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This young writer has the gift of finding timeless pieces and trends that interest people of all ages. Whether it be memo boards, colors of the week, or an inside scoop on some of today’s most creative crafters her daily posts include none but the most fabulous finds in the world of décor. Of course, that’s just my opinion. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

I wanted to get inside Carla’s head to find out where all that inspiration and creativity came from. Here’s what I discovered:


Meet Carla.

Give us 3 fun things we should know about you.
1. I will make you the best mix CD you’ve ever had in your life (hopefully).
2. You can find me at Starbucks most of the time.
3. In 2nd grade I wrote a 93-page story about two dogs in NYC. You wrote 93 pages!? I didn’t finish it…that was only the first three chapters. The fact that I wrote 93 pages was probably a sign of things to come:)

I love the name! Simple and sweet. How did you come up with “decorativity”? ooh good question! It was one of many names that I just bounced around in my head when I was trying to come up with a name. I’ve read such a variety of blogs over the years, and I knew I wanted something catchy but brief…1 word is what I was going for. I wanted to incorporate words like “create” “decorate”, etc. and so I decided to combine “decorate” with “creativity” and come up with a new word…decorativity!
My super creative friend Anna S. helped me brainstorm and let me throw my ideas at her…she encouraged me to keep it simple and reassured me that “decorativity” was not too cheesy or weird. Thanks, Anna! We don’t think so either!


antique chair from Providence Antiques shop. Post: "Antiquing it"

 What is decorativity, exactly? What inspired you to begin the blog? decorativity is a blog that celebrates interior design, home decor, and the products and people involved. I started decorativity because I thought I would go crazy if I didn’t! My interest in interior design has been gradual but steady, and it’s become my favorite thing for the last few years. I had read so many design blogs, and longed to have one of my own. I finally taught myself the basics and went for it!

What keeps you going? Daily blogposts can be daunting! I have yet to attempt that…Many things keep me going. The support of my friends and family have been key. They are amazing! They’re my cheerleaders… a constant encouragement, and great at spreading the word about the blog. Not to mention, I’m discovering all kinds of artistic talent among my friends–even some things I hadn’t known about before! It’s been so wonderful to brainstorm and share ideas.

one of Carla's repurposed candleholders

My passion keeps me motivated, too. I’ve read blogs and daydreamed and bookmarked furniture websites and gone antiquing and arranged spaces for so many years, I was ready to share and had a lot stored up to share about. It is hard to post daily! And I try to give myself grace to only do as much as I can do, but I waited until I was truly ready to have a blog that met my standards. So now, I’m bursting at the seams!

What have been your favorite finds so far? Any recommendations for our readers? Oooh…favorite finds. That’s hard to pick! decorativity is a fairly product-focused blog so I spend all my time searching for great finds:)I love Etsy, and it’s become my main resource on the blog. It’s just the biggest catalog of items at your fingertips, and you know that what you’re buying is unique and supports an independent artist or crafter. I love Ballard Designs, CB2, and Anthropologie for mass market stuff.  


One of Carla's favorite finds...Globular.

decorativity is also a place to not only justify but celebrate the random home goods I always secretly want to buy:)My post on maps and globes was one of my most popular, and in the post I talked about some specific globes I had ordered. It was so fun to get in the mail 6 blue and white globes modeled after spheres used to chart the ocean’s course in the Renaissance! Can’t get much more random than that, but they’re beautiful and decorativity was the perfect forum to say “Look at these! Now, what do I do with these?!”

Anything else? In short, my readers are awesome, and I’m a happy blogger!:)

photography from decorativity's featured guest artist: Amelia Kay

That’s Carla and decorativity. Check out the blog for the latest post, and be inspired to follow your own dreams! Ta-ta for now <3

October 29, 2010 - 9:46 pm

carla - Thank you, Bria! YOU are amazing! :)

November 4, 2010 - 2:26 pm

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